Our lithographs

Our lithographs are not simple digital prints. They result from a process that requires traditional know-how, a legacy of an invention dating back over two centuries. They are issued on quality papers, such as Lanaquarelle, Vellum paper or 300 grams Chromomat. The colors of the original work are respected and will withstand years.

They are made in limited edition , numbered and signed by the original artist .

Who are we?

Located in CARNOUX EN PROVENCE, DIMEX is more than 25 year old. Specialist in Fine Arts domain,  DIMEX focused on picture frames, with several thousand references of moldings in stock and also an endless choice of laminates for marie- louise, anti -reflective glass, organic glass and invisible glass.


un magasin spacieux une équipe encadrée des milliers de références

In touch with the medium of Art and Craft, Dimex has built during these years a rare stock of lithographs by artists of Provence and elsewhere. Stored, classified in its spacious premises, they will be packed and sent carefully by our staff as soon as possible.